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A hint of cardamom with a scene of beaches, both of these pleasurable moments can be experienced none other than the South of India. Dubbed as the brains and tongue of India due to the huge literate population, the south has a deep history of beautiful landscapes and gorgeous sights.

South has multiple states which scream the entire coastline within their vicinity, but some of them have a special place. From having never ending beachy coasts to rustic sculptures of all places, this part of the country is the most proud of all of these amenities. Two places in particular have shown their worth as the cities which embrace their past and present altogether, Kerala and Vizag.

Kerala is full of nothing but beauty. Nicknamed ‘God’s Own Country’ there is a reason why people hold this belief even to this day and it is the evident glory of nature. Immaculate sands and clear skies put up a screen of ethereal sight which is unbelievable to look at. The ancient structures hold their own stories which seem reasonable and the infamous tranquil backwaters cover spaces which feel unreal. Secluded little spots from where the backwaters traverses just keep revealing new personifications of beauty.

Vizag is old, but truly magnificent. This port city has set its name in the history books but keeps on being a relevant place of travel for most people. The palms, skies and beaches come together to form an amalgamation of gorgeousness which cannot be described in words. The cityscape only amplifies the color blast which the monotonous nature seems to be missing. Clean and green the surroundings will just make you stay at this place forever. The delectable cuisine at this place also adds to its alluring charm of a visit.

From our South India Tours Packages, you needn’t look any further for the south exploration you were waiting to explore for a while. The best way is to seek out the beauty of both these places or choose between them. Whatever may be the decision, the captivating beauty will leave you speechless as you travel for everything but end up chasing picturesque views of these places.


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