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A hint of cardamom with a scene of beaches, both of these pleasurable moments can be experienced none other than the South of India. Dubbed as the brains and tongue of India due to the huge literate population, the south has a deep history of beautiful landscapes and gorgeous sights.

South has multiple states which scream the entire coastline within their vicinity, but some of them have a special place. From having never ending beachy coasts to rustic sculptures of all places, this part of the country is the most proud of all of these amenities. Two places in particular have shown their worth as the cities which embrace their past and present altogether, Kerala and Vizag.

Kerala is full of nothing but beauty. Nicknamed ‘God’s Own Country’ there is a reason why people hold this belief even to this day and it is the evident glory of nature. Immaculate sands and clear skies put up a screen of ethereal sight which is unbelievable to look at. The ancient structures hold their own stories which seem reasonable and the infamous tranquil backwaters cover spaces which feel unreal. Secluded little spots from where the backwaters traverses just keep revealing new personifications of beauty.

Vizag is old, but truly magnificent. This port city has set its name in the history books but keeps on being a relevant place of travel for most people. The palms, skies and beaches come together to form an amalgamation of gorgeousness which cannot be described in words. The cityscape only amplifies the color blast which the monotonous nature seems to be missing. Clean and green the surroundings will just make you stay at this place forever. The delectable cuisine at this place also adds to its alluring charm of a visit.

From our South India Tours Packages, you needn’t look any further for the south exploration you were waiting to explore for a while. The best way is to seek out the beauty of both these places or choose between them. Whatever may be the decision, the captivating beauty will leave you speechless as you travel for everything but end up chasing picturesque views of these places.

Popular Packages

5 Days

Glamour of Goa

Blessed with picturesque beaches; the vibrant ambiance of North Goa and the tranquillity of South Goa; and the rich architectural and cultural heritage, there’s hardly a beach destination in India that is as popular as Goa. Goa is also a perfect destination for a wellness tour as it is replete with Yoga & Reiki and Ayurveda centres. What more, the state is dotted with a number of boutique resorts offering a fantastic luxury vacation and an opportunity for great corporate outings.

5 Days

Exotic Karnataka

The beautiful heritage spots and the fauna which flourishes here distinctively

7 Days

Exotic Karnataka with Ooty

Majestic lands and clear skies portray the perfect image for a destination. In today’s time, things have changed so much as we see variations within these terrains.

6 Days

Exotic Kerala

Kerala Tourism offers a unique journey to God's own country Kerala which is famous worldwide for its natural beauty, green tropical beaches, tranquil backwaters, traditional ayurveda resorts and elegant houseboats.

7 Days

The Divine experience of Tamil Nadu

Ancient temples and serene waters have something about them which is unmatche

2 Days

Rameshwaram with Madurai

Colourful places of worship, throng of people, azure skyline and erected palms,

10 Days

The Temples and Ruins of Medieval South India

South India is well known for glorious land of Temples. A tour of the temples and ruins of medieval South India will take you through a journey of architectural marvels, rich history, and spiritual significance.

3 Days

Houseboat & Backwaters Tour in Kerala

Welcome to our exciting tour package for the Kerala Houseboat Tour! This 02 Nights / 03 Days tour takes you on a mesmerizing journey through the serene backwaters of Kerala.

10 Days

Culinary Tour of Kerala

Culinary tour of Kerala unveils a world of aromatic spices, flavorful dishes, and diverse culinary traditions. Known as the "Land of Spices," Kerala's cuisine is a delightful blend of indigenous flavors, Arab influences, and colonial legacies.

13 Days

Goa and South India Tour Package

Goa is a popular beach destination popular for its stunning coastline, vibrant nightlife, and Portuguese heritage. Spend a few days enjoying the sun, sand, and sea at famous beaches like Calangute, Baga, or Palolem.

17 Days

Wildlife Tour of South India

Welcome to our Wildlife Tour Package, an immersive 16-night, 17-day adventure through some of the most beautiful and diverse wildlife destinations in southern India.

12 Days

South India Temple Tour

The South India Temple Tour promises an enchanting journey through centuries-old temples, each with its own unique story and architectural marvels.

13 Days

Temple and Spices Tour of Kerala

Kerala is one of the most-visited tourist destinations in South India famous for temple tour with brilliant architecture and aromatic spices. Temples and spice tour of Kerala would allow you to explore the religious and cultural heritage of the region while also immersing yourself in world of fragrance.

15 Days

Cultural Tour of Karnataka & Kerala

Embark on an enchanting cultural tour of Karnataka and Kerala, where the past seamlessly merges with the present, and nature's splendor unveils its secrets.

7 Days

Enchanting Kerala Tour

Enchanting Kerala Tour is a popular tour in India that takes you on a mesmerizing journey through the lush green landscapes of God's Own Country.

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The place where all of India goes to share a celebratory spirit is the place, we hold dear and near as well. The party paradise, Goa is the destination where youngsters of our nation are finding solace and the force of fresh energy


With some of the best natural sites comes the easy-going spots of travel and exploration


Some places have a charm which comes with them, its unique, magnificent and all the more alluring. Backwaters and scenic perfection defines the cities which reside here

Tamil Nadu

History, nature and relics preserved seem to be a blessing when found altogether at one place. States of India carry the big extravagant diversity among them and also cave in to its historical glorious past

Andhra Pradesh

If spirituality is a sense of being one with yourself and god, then you got to visit this place


A place where religion has been birthed and grown over and over is just a testimony to a destination, which is of great significance


It is the land which emerged as one of the greatest states in history of the nation. Connecting to the independence and freedom, the home of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is the land of Gujarat.

Himachal Pradesh

A state which glistens with the shadow of magnanimous mountains calls home to Gods across the religions of Hindu, Buddhist and Tibet routes


There are places which are a complete package of culture, metropolitan and diverse scenic panoramas. Maharashtra is a hub for all of this and more


Diversity in India never ceases to amaze people from around the world. While we appreciate every bit of it, it is our past that makes our nation what we are today


Places full of beautiful sceneries and religious sites usually have a good mix of cultures and traditions. With an unusual popularity among a lot of travelers

Uttar Pradesh

Travelling through a state of immense religious existence and a state which has been rigorously brought up everywhere in the name of ethos and art

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